Pointillism and Scribble Art (In Crayola Marker)

8th Grade Art 2 used markers for pointillism then followed up with
a larger version in complementary colors with "scribble" art.

The students found it very difficult to "lose control" while "scribbling" after working in the very focused and controlled style of pointillism.

Classroom Displays


Animal Drawings

Various Winter Projects

Paper Food Sculptures

Kirby Cares!

Window Mural

City Wide Winners!

Both works are on display throughout 2011 at the Fire Museum of Memphis

Second Place Honorable Mention



Painted Paper Mache Skulls In Honor Of Dia De Los Muertos

In honor of Kirby Middle School's 2010 Hispanic Cultural Awareness Program, the 8th grade Art 2 students created
a VARIETY of art for display to educate peers and commemorate the event. The painted paper mache skulls in honor of Dia De Los Muertos were just some of the many types of sculptures studied and created.

By referencing various pictures and models, 8th graders first formed skull shaped wads of paper using masking tape and rubber bands to hold.

Next they used paper mache pulp and strips to cover their armatures.

Once dry, the skulls were sketched with a student created design.

Finally the skulls were painted and shown at Kirby Middle School's
Hispanic Cultural Awareness Program! Some of the skulls are still
on display in the school's library.

Pastel Drawings and Paper Collages Inspired by Matisse and Modigliani (Displayed at the MCS Board of Ed.!)