8th Grade: Abstract Art

Art Supplies

In the Visual Art Classroom we try to recycle and incorporate just about every material possible. When crayons are reduced to bits I collect and melt them together to create new ones. To minimize paper waste, scrap pieces are stored in a box by the paper cutter for future use. I often pick up discarded pencils all over the school grounds so that the handful of students who come unprepared are able to participate.
I frequently tell all of my students about the soon to be crayon nubs, dried up markers, shortened colored pencils, limited paper supply, dull metal safety scissors, etc. I tell them and even show them the consequences of mistreating the supplies, but I can not expect much to be remaining after each year 300 students run through $200 worth of supplies.
Almost all of our parents at Kirby Middle School have sent their children equipped with most of what we need in the art room- UNFORTUNATELY the supplies are collected by the homeroom teacher rendering them unavailable for use by the student while in art class.
The students know that the amount of school supplies bought for their own to freely use and keep up with throughout the day is up to their guardian. With that being said, the following is a list of supplies that the students have expressed wanting their own of the most. (In order from most to least complained about....)

- Scissors
- Crayons (CRAYOLA)
- Erasers
- Pencils
- Color Pencils (CRAYOLA)
- Markers (CRAYOLA)
- Glue Sticks (NOT PURPLE!)

....And if your child forgets to say it....
Please accept this from BOTH of us: