"Tall" Paintings

The sixth grade end of the year project in visual art was inspired by Holten Rower's artworkswhich are created by the variation of effects produced when paint is poured onto a three dimensional surface.

I asked my students to save their milk cartons from lunch.... We pressed in the top portions of the cartons, turned them upside down and hot glued them onto squares cut from a green tri-fold board. On top of the carton, a small disposable plastic cup was hot glued to add height and help with pouring accuracy. One of my classes used larger plastics cup in place of milk cartons. Students then poured acrylic paint over the top. At first I tried to use tempera mixed with glue then squeezed directly from the bottles. The glue bottle tops frequently became clogged so I decided to let the kids pour diluted acrylic paint out of small cups cups.  This project was very messy, but  extremely simple and my students response was overwhelmingly positive!

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    These are gorgeous! How lucky students are to be in your class!